Small work loan or the jungle of rates: how to find the best?

A small work loan, does it really exist? You want to make small adaptations at home but you do not want to end up with an overpriced loan: should you take a small construction loan, a decorative loan or other? Senior Credit provides you with all the explanations and above all the best rates for the works loan.

What is the small work loan?

What is the small work loan?

Well let’s be transparent from the start, the small work loan is only marketing . Whether through a depreciable personal loan or through a revolving loan, the small work loan is a loan like any other. It has no specifics, even less than a works credit. We will see it later.

A small work loan is just a commercial hook. It is actually a conventional works credit, the amount of which is simply moderate.

What you need to know in credit is that there is a limit (not official as such but which is more a matter of commercial practices) around an amount of credit 3000 USD. Below, the cheapest credit is rather offered through revolving credit offers, above 3000 USD, it is through depreciable consumer credit offers.

Whatever amount you are looking for your small work credit you will find the best rates on our credit comparison. The simulation tool only displays the best offers – based on the APR rate – from the largest financial organizations. It is completely free and without obligation.

Thanks to our credit comparison tool, you will not only get the classification of the best small works credit rates, but it will also be easier to obtain this best rate in concrete terms. Indeed, you will benefit from a real-time study without commitment from the cheapest organization. This will let you know whether you should also consult the organization that offers the second best rate and the third best rate. We strongly recommend that you interview at least 3 organizations to maximize your chances of having your application accepted.

Small work loan and work loan

Small work loan and work loan

What is the difference between a small work loan and a conventional work loan? Well as we have seen, the small work loan does not mean a specific credit. It may also take the form of a revolving credit, an unrestricted amortizable loan or finally a work loan.

The work loan is quite specific. It is an amortizable consumer credit dedicated to carrying out work. The loan works rates are generally a little cheaper than the conventional unaffected credit rates. To be able to benefit from a work loan, you will have to justify the work by providing, in addition to the credit file, proof of the work such as a quote or an invoice. The work loan generally starts from 3000 USD at most financial organizations. If you want a small work loan for work over 3000 USD, you can also go through a work credit.

The decoration credit is only a work loan which is used for decoration work. If your small works credit is intended for decoration via a work loan, this is not a problem as long as you justify purchases for a minimum amount of 3000 USD.

Small works credit and revolving credit

Small works credit and revolving credit

If the amount of your work is less than 3000 USD, your small work loan will probably go through a revolving credit. Don’t worry, there are cheap revolving credit deals if you limit the use of this credit for the first time.

Indeed, credit organizations often offer promotion rates for revolving credit for the first use. A promo rate can go down to 3.90%.

In all cases, for a small works credit of less than 3000 USD, the cheapest rates are in revolving credit compared to the amortizable loan offers.

The sign card offers have two major drawbacks with regard to the small work loan. The first is that your purchases should be limited to the brand concerned by the card. You cannot therefore consider diversifying the sources of supply for your small jobs. And on the other hand, the exceptional credit offers that they offer from time to time throughout the year are most of the time calibrated over short periods. These short durations generate huge monthly payments to be reimbursed or else you must limit yourself to purchases of a few hundred USD and this is not always easy to do.