How to choose credit work?


CreditCool’s range of consumer loans is really very wide. There is logically a CreditCool works credit. We analyzed this financing and compared it to the best offers in our works loan comparison.

Credit work CreditCool: preamble

Credit work CreditCool: preamble

In the preamble, let’s come back to some general principles of works credit. To know everything in detail, just consult our article dedicated to work loans.

  • It’s a consumer credit
    It is therefore governed by this specific regulation of the consumer code.
  • Mainly a credit with proof
    Proof of work (estimate, order form, etc.) must be attached to the CreditCool works credit application file. It is possible to obtain a credit without proof of work but in this case, it will be taken out in the form of a personal loan and not a work credit.
  • Amount: $ 500 – $ 70,000
    It is possible to obtain larger amounts but in this case, specific requests must be made. The maximum amounts of the CreditCool works credit are $ 1,500 – $ 50,000.
  • Duration: 12 months – 84 months
    You can also ask for longer repayment terms for large amounts. The maximum durations for the CreditCool works loan are 12 months – 120 months.
  • Fixed taeg rate: 1% – 6% mainly
    The works loan is subject to wear and tear (maximum rate). The rate may be higher for a small work loan. We will compare the CreditCool works loan rate to the best rates on the market.

CreditCool works loan offers

CreditCool works loan offers

In reality, there is not a single CreditCool works credit but a range of several offers. We will therefore try to see more clearly. It must also be borne in mind that CreditCool is divided into several regional funds. We will therefore not necessarily find the same CreditCool works loan in all regions.

The CreditCool Classique works loan : this is the one we are going to compare. It covers the vast majority of work with supporting documents.

CreditCool home savings loan : This type of work loan is reserved for people who have contributed to a home savings plan (PEL). It is therefore very specific and normally very competitive. But the refinancing rates having dropped so much in recent years, that this advantage has diminished considerably. We nevertheless recommend to those who are moving towards this solution to compare their CreditCool work loan rate with the best rate offered on our comparison site to be sure of obtaining a cheap loan.

Energy Savings Loan : This loan will only be possible for specific works, in particular for certain types of insulation or renewal of the heating system. The works giving right to the CreditCool Energy Savings loan are those giving right to a tax credit.

CreditCool real estate credit : In case of need for a CreditCool works credit within the framework of a real estate acquisition, it is possible (and recommended) to obtain your works loan through your real estate credit. See our article Mortgage online.

Compare CreditCool works credit

Compare CreditCool works credit

Now that we have identified which CreditCool works loan is the most offered, we will compare it to the best rate from credit organizations.

To do this, you have to access the CreditCool works loan simulation, which is not an easy task. In addition, not all regions will have access to the same service. Finally, note that surprisingly, you must declare your date of birth before you can access this loan simulation work. Here is the access we used to make our comparisons: CreditCool simulator access.

We have chosen to take the case that best represents requests for works credit. A borrowed amount of $ 20,000 over a repayment period of 60 months.

Fixed taeg rate for CreditCool works credit: 3,882% monthly payment: $ 378.66 Credit cost: $ 2,719.60
Lowest cost fixed taeg rate for works credit: 3.45% monthly: $ 362.91 cost of credit: $ 1,774.60

Even if the CreditCool works loan rate is around the market average, it is possible to find a cheaper offer of almost $ 1,000. Its competitors are rather bank loans such as work credit bank Postale. Especially since to obtain an agreement on his request for a CreditCool loan, it will be necessary to be a customer of the bank and probably rather a good customer. But if you are in this case, do not hesitate to compare and negotiate as we explained for the CreditCool car loan rate.